100% Original LAUNCH X431 HD Module HD Heavy Duty Adapter Box Truck Diagnostic Adapter for X431 V+ / PRO 3 / PAD II

100% Original LAUNCH X431 HD Module HD Heavy Duty Adapter Box Truck Diagnostic Adapter for X431 V+ / PRO 3 / PAD II
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2018 New Arrival Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer Latest


Version V4.94 Support Multi-language With All Cables DHL










dig prog 36dig prog 38dig prog 37

Language: Deutsch, English,Espanol,French,Portuguese,Italiano,Turkey,Nederlands.



We have full car list,please send me message if you need the car list, we will send to your email.




Model list:


A   di A2/3/4/6 VDO 07/01 Diagnostic
A   di A2/3/4/6 VDO 0
7/01- Diagnostic
A   di A3
 A8 2003 on Service & Navigation Diagnostic
A   di A3 to 06/01 Diagnosis
A   di A3 UKNSI Programmind Via Chip
A   di A4 Bo---sch 2002 Diagnostic
A   di A4 Modell 2001 Bos----ch Diagnostic
A   di A4 UK--NSI Programmind Via Chip
A   di A8 / S8 up 02/99 Programming via Chip
A   di A8 24C16 Chip Programming via Chip
A   di A8 to 01/99 Diagnosis
A   di A8 VDO 2002 Programming via chip
A   di Au--di A3/ A6/ A8 2006 on Diagnostic
A   di Jae---ger/Ma--gneti M---arelli up 04/99 Diagnosis
A   di Mag---netti Ma--relli All models Diagnostic
A   di M-----M 4/99 Diagnosis
A   di M--M4/99 HC12 Programming Via Micro
A   di T--T Diagnosis
Ben--tley Cont--inental GT 2003 / Diagnostic
Bent--ley Contin--etal Program Via Chip
B  M  W 3 Seri--es E46 2000 35080 Chip Programming Via chip
B  M  W 3 Series E46 Bo---sch 35080 Programming via chip
B  M  W 3er / Co-mpact / Z3 Cluster-Diagnosis
B  M  W 3er / Co-mpact / Z3 up 98 Cluster-Diagnosis
B  M  W 3er / E36 Diagnosis
B  M  W 3er / E36 Modell 99 Cluster-Diagnosis
B  M  W 3er / E46 1999/2000 Diagnostic
B  M  W 3er / E46 Lightmodule HC11 Programming via Chip
B  M  W 5er / E34 Progra--mming via Chip
B  M  W 5er / E39 up 05/99 Programming via Chip
B  M  W 5er / E39 with BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
B  M  W 5er / E39 without BC to 04/99 Diagnosis
B  M  W 7er / E32 Programming via Chip
B  M  W 7er / E38 (SW 12/13) up 05/99 Cluster-Diagnosis
B  M  W 7er / E38 (SW 14) up 05/99 Programming via Chip
B   M   W 7er / E38 to 04/99 Diagnosis
B   M  W 7er up 10/01 Only in our Office / In progress
B  M  W  8er / E31 Diagnosis
B   M   W All CAS Units Send to office
B   M   W E39 LCM Diagnostic
B   M  W E39 Light Module All models Diagnostic
B  M   W E46 2001/ Light Module HC12 Diagnostic
B   M   W E46 2003/ Light Module HC12S Diagnostic
B   M   W E46 LCM Diagnostic
B  M   W E50 5 Series 2004 Diagnostic
B   M   W E60 & E65 E90 2004 2007 CAS Diagnostic
B   M   W F650GS Programming Via Chip
B   M   W K-ey Module & LCM all models Progarmming Via EWS
B   M  W  Still R70 Programming Via Chip
B   M   W X3 Programming Via Chip & EWS LCM Diag
B   M   W X3 LCM Diagnostic
B   M   W X5 (SW 14 High) Programming via Chip
B   M   W X5 EWS & Key Programming Via EWS
B   M   W X5 LCM Diagnostic
B   M   W X5 Light module Diagnostic
B   M   W X5 Light module HS12 Diagnostic
B   M   W Z4 Programming Via Chip
B   M   W Z8 Programming via Chip
Ca---giva Rap--tor 1000 Programming Via Chip
Che---vr--olet Avalanche Programming Via Micro
Chev---ro--let Balzer Programming Via chip
Ch--ev---rol--et Corv--ette Programing Via Chip
C--he---vro--let Cor--vette Programming Via chip
Ch--ev---rol--etTahoe Programming Via chip
Ch--e---vr--oletTr--ail Blazer 95020 Programming Via chip
Ch--r---y--sler 300 HC12 Programming Via Micro
Ch-r---ys--ler 300M Programming via Chip
Chr---ysler All Models Diagnostic
Ch--ry---sler Ch--erokee Modell 2002 Diagnostic
Chry---sler Che---rokee to Chip 56 Programming via Chip
Chr---ys--ler Cro--ssfire Diagnostic
Chr---ysl--er Gr--and Che--rokee 04/99 Diagnostic
Chr---ys--ler Gr-and Cher--okee C86 Program via chip
Chr---ysl--er Gr--and Che--rokee HC12 Diagnostic
Chr----ysl--er Gra--nd Che--rokee to 03/99 Diagnosis
Chr----y-sler Le Baro--n Only in our Office / In progress
Chr-----ys-ler N--eon H-C12 Programming via Chip
Chr---ys--ler PT --Cruiser HC12 Diagnostic
Chr----ys--ler P--T Cruiser to HC11 Diagnoctic
Chr----y--sler See--bring HC12 Programming via Cluster
Chr----ysler St--ratus Diagnosis
Chr---ys--ler Voy--ager Modell 2002 HC12 Cluster-Diagnosis
Chr----ys--ler Voya--ger to Bj. 2001 Diagnosis
Chr---ys--ler Wr--angler Programming via Chip
Chr---ys--ler Wr--angler HC11 Programming via Micro
Citre---on C--3 Programming Via Tacho & Box
Cit---re--on C5 Prog-ramming Via Box & Cluster
Cit----re-on C5 2003 Programming V--ia chips
C--itr---eo--n C8 Programming Via T-acho & BSI
Ci--tr---eon New Saxo Diagnostic
Ci----tr----eon Pic--asso NEC Tacho & Box Via Micro & Chip
Ci-tr---eon Rel---ay Van Chip 95040 Programming Via Chip
Ci-t---reon Xs--ara 2000/2002 NEC Programming Via Chips BSI & Tacho
Citr----oen Bel--ingo 2003/2004 Programming Via cluster & BSI
C-itr---oen Belin--go HC08 Tacho Programming Via Micro
Ci-tr---oen C3 Programming Via Chip
C--itro-----en C5 New software Programming Via Cluster & BCM
Cit----roen C8 Programming Via Tacho & BSI
Ci--tr----oen Ev--asion Programming via Chip
C--itr--oen Re--lay Programming Via Chip
Ci--tr-----oen X--antia Programming via Chip
C--itr----oen Xs--ara Programming via Chip
Ci-tr---oen Xs---ara Programming Via BCU & Tacho
D-ai----mler B---enz 300C Programming Via Micro
D-ai----mler Be---nz A-K--lasse Diagnosis
Da--i-----mler Be---nz C/K--lasse (W203) 07/2003 Diagnostic Via cluster
Dai----mler Be--nz C/Kla--sse (W203) 2001/2002 Diagnostic Via cluster
Da--i---mler Ben---z C-Kl--asse (W202) Diagnosis
D--ai----mler Be--nz C-Kla--sse (W203) 07/003 Diagnosis
Da--i----m--ler Be---nz CLK / SLK to 03/99 Diagnosis
D--ai---mler Be---nz CLK / SLK up 04/99 Diagnosis
D--ai----ml-er Be---nz E-Klas-se to 03/99 Diagnosis
D-ai---mler Be---nz E-Kla--sse up 04/99 Diagnosis
D-ai---m-ler Be---nz G K-lasse Programmingg Via Box
D-ai---ml--er Be---nz G-Kla-sse to 03/99 Diagnosis
Dai---m-ler Be---nz G-Klasse up 04/99 to 07/01 Diagnosis
Dai---m-ler Be---nz G-Kla--sse up 08/01 Diagnosis
Dai---mler Be---nz M-Klas-se to 03/99 Diagnosis
Daim---ler Be---nz M-Kla--sse up 04/99 to 07/01 Diagnosis
Dai---l-er Be---nz M-Klass-e up 08/01 Diagnosis
Dai---m-ler Be---nz S-Klasse Diagnosis
Dai---m--ler Be---nz S-Kl--asse (W220 ) up 06/02 Programming via Chip & Key
Dai---m--ler Be---nz S-Kla--sse (W220) to 05/01 Programming via Chip
Da---im-ler Be----nz SL 2002 Programming Via Key & chip
Dai---mler Ben---z SL-Kla--sse R129 Diagnosis
Dai---mler Be---nz SL-Klas-se R130 Programming via Chip
D--ai---m--ler Be---nz S--m--art 2004 Programming Via Tacho & BSI
Dai----mler B---enz Spr--inter Clu--ster-Diagnosis
Dai----mler Be---nz Spr--inter M--odell 2000 Programming via Chip
Dai----mler Be---nz Va--neo Programming Via Cluster
Daim----ler Be---nz Vi--to Va---neo Model 2003 on Programming Via Tacho & Key module
Dai---mler Be---nz Vi--to V--DO Cluster-Diagnosis
Dai----mler Be---nz V-Klas--se / Magneti Marelli Diagnosis
Dai----mler Be---nz V---Klasse VDO Cluster-Diagnosis
Dai----mler Be---nz W----203 W211 Key module HC12S Only in our office
Dai---m--ler Be---nz W209 CLK / SLK up tp 08/03 Diagnostic
Dai---mler Be---nz W211 2004 Key & Gateway Only in our office
Da--im--ler Be---nz W211 2004 Serv--ice Assyst Only in our office
Da---im--ler B--enz W211 E Cl--ass SW 77 Diagnostic
Dai---m--ler Be---nz W211 E Cla--ss up to Sept 2003 Diagnostic
Dod---ge Dura---ngo Programming via Chip
Do---dge Ram 2003 Diagnost
Fi---at Br---ava ST Cluster-Diagnosis
Fi---at Br---avo- M-M08 Programming Via Micro
Fi--at Br--avo NS56 Programming Via Micro
F--iat Da--ily VDO Chip Programming Via Chip
Fi--at Du--cato M--2002 NEC Programming Via Chip
F--iat Du--plo M-odel 2002 Programming via Chip
Fi---at Iv---eco Daily Programming via Chip
Fi---at Mar---ea 2004 Programming via Micro
F---iat M---area 2004 Programming Via Chip
Fi---at M---area HC11 Programming Via Micro
Fi--at Mu--ltipla Cl--uster-Diagnosis
F-iat Mult--ipla M20--02 C56 Programming Via Chip
F---at P---a-nda Programming Via Chip
Fi--at Pan--da Progr--amming Via Chip
Fi---at Pan---da Ch--ip 95040 Program via chip
Fi--at Pu---nto 2002 N-EC Programming via Chip
Fi--at Pu---nto Je--ager 08 Cluster-Diagnosis
Fi--at Scu---do Prog--ramming via Chip
Fi---at Seic---ent-o Programming Via Chip
Fi---at St--lo Programming Via Chip
Fi---at St---ilo Pr-ogramming Via Micro
Fi--at Uly---see 2004 Programming Via Tacho & BSI
F--iat Ulys--se Progra--mmin Via Micro
Fo---rd Co---nn--ect Programming Via Micro
Fo--rd Con--nect Programming Via Chip
Fo--rd Cou--gar Cluster-Diagnosis
Fo--rd Ex---plorer Programming Via Micro
Fo--rd Exp---orer 2003 Programming Via Micro
For--d F150 2004 Programming Via Micro
Fo---rd F150 HC11 Programming Via Micro
Fo--rd F250 HC12 Programming Via Micro
Fo--rd F350 Program Via Cluster
Fo--rd Fei--sta 2003 Programming Via Chip
F--ord Fe--is--ta 9S12 2006 model Programming Via BDM
Fo--rd Fies--ta Clus--ter-Diagnosis
Fo---rd F--ocus Cl--uster-Diagnosis
Fo---rd Focus 2003 Chp & Micro all models Programmin Via chip Or BDM Points
Fo---rd Fus--ion Programming Via Chip
Fo---rd Fu--sion Progarmming Via Chip
Fo---rd G--alaxy Diagnosis
Fo---rd Ga--laxy 2000/2006 Diagnosis
F---ord Ma--verick HC11 Programming Via Micro
Fo---rd Mo--ndeo Cluster-Diagnosis
Fo---rd Mus--tang Programming Via Micro
Fo---rd Pum--a Cluster-Diagnosis
For---d Ran-ger Programming Via Cluster
Fo---rd Sco---rpio Cluster-Diagnosis
Fo--rd Taru--s 2003/ Only in our office
Fo--rd T--hunderbird 2005/ 2006 model Programming Via BDM
F--ord Transit 2003 Programming Via chip
F---ord Tr--ansit 2004 Programming Via Micro
Fo--rd Tr--ansit Model 2003 Programming Via Chip
Fo--rd T--ransit TVI Chip 66 Progarmming Via Chip
F--ord VA--N F150 Programming via Chip
Fo---rd Wind--star HC11 Programming Via Micro
G--M Cad-illac Programming Via Chip
G---M C--adillac Seville STS Chip Programming via Chip
-G---M Cad---illac Seville STS HC 11 Cluster-Diagnosis
G---M Corv--ette Chip 93C76 Programming via chip
G---M Hu--mmer Programming via Chip
G--M Hum-mer 2006 Programming via Tacho & Box
G--M Hum---mer Klms & Hours Programming Via Chip
G---M Sev--ille HC11 Programming Via Micro
G---M Trans Sport HC12 Programming Via Micro
G--M Tran--sport M99 Programming Via Micro
HA--RLEY D--avidson Buel Programming via Chip
Ho---nda Ac---cord Programming via Chip
Ho   nda Acc---ord Type R Programming Via Chip
Ho   nda CB--R 1000RR Programming Via Chip
Ho    nda CB--R400 Programming Via Chip
Ho    nda Ci---vic Programming via Chip
H    onda CR--V 2004 Chip 56 Programming Via Chip
Ho   nda C--RV Chip 93C56 Programming Via Chip
H    onda C--RV HC12 Programming Via PCB
Ho    nda H--RV Programming via Chip
H    onda Ja--zz Programming Via Chip
Ho    nda J-azz Programming Via chip
Ho    nda Leg---end Programming via Chip
Ho    nda Lo--go programming Via Chip
Ho    nda S 2000 Programming via Chip
Ho    nda Shut---le Programming via Chip
Hon    da Stre--am Programming Via chip
Hon    da VF---R 800 93C46 Programming Via Chip
Hum--mer Mi--les & Hours Programming Via chip
Hyu--ndai Co---upe Ch 46 Programming Via Chip
Hy---undai G--etz Programming Via Chip
Hyu--ndai M--atrix Ch 46 Programming Via Chip
Hy--undai Sa--nte Fe Ch56 Programming Via Chip
Hyu--ndai X--G 30 Ch 46 Programming Via Chip
Hyu--ndia Ac--cent Programming Via Chip
Isu-----zu Tr--ooper Programming via Chip
Ja---guar Da--imler to 12/97 Cluster-Diagnosis
Jag---uar Da--imler up 01/98 Cluster-Diagnosis
Jag--uar S Ty-pe 2005 Program Via Cluster
Jag---uar S Type HC12 Programming Via PCB
Jag--uar S-Type 2002 HC12 Programming via Micro
Jag--uar S-Type to 09/01 Programming via Micro
Jag---uar S-Type up 10/01 Programming via Micro
Jag---uar XJ 350 Programming Via Micro
Ja---guar X--K8 Programming via Micro
Jag---uar Xty--pe HC12 Programming Via PCB
Kaw---asaki GPZ 600 93C46 Programming via Chip
Kawas---aki ZX9 93C46 Programming via Chip
K--ia Ca--rni--val Programming Via Chip
K---ia Sorr--ento Programming Via Chip
Ki---a Sor--rento Programming Via Chip
La--mborg--hini Gall--ardo Programming Via Chip
La---ncia Ly--bra Programming via Chip
La--ncia Z Pr--ogramming via Chip
LD--V Co---nvoy Van Programming Via Chip
Lex--us LS 200 Programming via Chip
Le---us LS 300 Programming via Chip
Lex---us LS 400 Programming via Chip
Le--xus LS 430 Programming via Chip
Lex---us R--X300 Programming via Chip
Lin---coln N--avigator Programming via Chip
Linco---ln Na--vigator 2003 Programming Via Micro
Lot---us Elise HC11 Programming Via Micro
M---ase--rati Quattroporte Programming Via chip
Ma--zda 3 Programming Via Chip
Ma--zda 323 Programming via Chip
Ma---zda 6 Programming Via Chip
Ma---zda 6 Programming Via Chip
Maz--da 626 Programming via Chip
Ma--zda 626 2003 Programming via Chip
Ma--zda M--PV Programming via Chip
M-a--zda M--X5 Programming via Chip
Ma--zda Premecy Programming via Chip
Ma--zda RX7 Programming via Chip
Ma---zda R-X8 Programming Via Tacho
Ma---zda TR--IBUTE HC11 Programming Via Micro
Mit---sub--ishi Ca---risma Programming via Chip
Mits--ubi--shi C--olt Programming via Chip
Mits--ub--ishi E--clipse Programming Via Chip
Mit--sub--ishi Ga--lant Programming via Chip
Mit-s--ub--ishi Gra--ndis Programming Via Chip
Mits--ub--ishi La--ncer Programming via Chip
Mits--ub-ishi Outl--ander Programming via Chip
Mits---ub--ishi Pajero Programming via Chip
Mits---ubishi PIN-IN Ch 46 Programming via Chip
Mits---ubis--hi Shog--un Ch 56 Programming via Chip
Mits--ubis--hi S--pace G--ear Programming via Chip
Mits--ub----ishi Spa--ce Run--ner Programming via Chip
Mits--ubi--shi Sp--ace Star Programming via Chip
Mits--ubi--shi Sp--ace Wag--on Programming via Chip
Mot--or Cycles
Nis         san Alm--era 93C46/C56/C66 Programming via Chip
Nis       san Infi--nity Programming via Chip
Nis         san M--axima Programming via Chip
Niss        an Mic--ra Programming via Chip
Nis          san N--avaro Programming via Chip
Nis          san P--athfinder Programming via Chip
Nis          san Pat--hfinder HC12S Program Via Cluster
Nis        san Patr--ol Programming via Chip
Nis         san Pi--ck Up Programming via Chip
Nis         san Pri--mera Programming via Chip
Nis         san Prim--era 2004 Programming Via Chip
Nis          san Pri--mera 93C56/ C66 Programming Via Chip
Nis        san Sk--yline R34 Programming Via Chip
Nis           san Sky-line R35 & G--T350 Programming Via Chip
Nis        san Sk---yline R35 350G--T Programming Via Chip
Nis         san Ter--rano II Cluster-Diagnosis
Nis          san T--ino Programming Via Chip
Nis         san Xt--rail Programming Via Chip
Niss       an X--tr---ail C66 Programming Via Chip
O--pel As--tra Diagnosis
Op--el Co--rsa Diagnosis.
Op--el Fro--ntera Programming via Chip
O--el Mont--ery Programming via Chip
O--pel Mov--ano Programming Via Chip
Op--el Vec--tra 04/99 Diagnosis
Op---el V--ect--ra 2003/2007 Programming Via chip
O---pel V--ec--tra to 03/99 Diagnosis
Op--el Viv--aro M2002 NEC Programming via Chip
Op---el Za--fir--a Diagnosis
Op---el Za--fira 2003./2007 Diagnostic
Peu---g-eot 106 Diagnostic
Peug---eot 206 Jae--ger Programming Via Micro
Peu--ge--ot 206 M2002 NE--C All new models Programming Via Chip
Pe---geot 306 VDO Clus---ter-Diagnosis
Peu--ge--ot 307 Chip Programming Via Box & Tacho
Pe--ug--eot 307 HC12 Programming Via Micros
Peu--g-eot 406 Ja---eger Programming Via Micro
Peu--ge---ot 406 Sa--gem Programming via Chip
Pe--uge---ot 406 V---aleo Box Programming Via Box & Cluster
Peu--ge--ot 406 V--DO Clu---ster-Diagnosis
Peu--ge--ot 406 V--DO 2000/2001 Cluster + BCU
Peu---geot 407 Pro--gramming Via Tacho & BSI
Peu--geot 607 VDO Programmingg Via Box + Cluster
Peu---geot 806 Jae--ger / Mag--neti Marelli Programming Via Micro
Peu---g--eot 807 Progr--amming V-ia Tac--ho & BSI
Peu--geot BOX--ER Programming Via Chip
Peu--ge--ot Part--ner Program--ming Via Chip
Por--sche 928 Pr-----ogramming via Chip
Por--sche 996 09/01/2000 Diagnostic
Po--rsche 996 2000/2002 BCU Programming Via Box
Po--rsche 996 to 08/01 Diagnosis
Por--sche 996 Turbo Ready Soon
Por--che 996 up 09/01 93C86 Diagnostic
Por---sche 997 M-CU Prog--ram via chip
Po----rsche 997 Ta--cho & MCU Programming Via Chips
Por---sche Boxs---ter Diagnosis
Pors---che Cay--enne Diagnostic
Por--sche Che--yenne Programming Via Chip
Ren---ault C---lio 2004 Programming Via Chip
Ren---ault Cl---io Jaeger / - Ma--relli Programming Via Micro
Re---nault Clio M2002 NEC Programming via Chip
Re---nault Cli--o Sa--gem Programming via Chip
Ren---ault Esp--ace M-odel 2004 Programming Via Tacho & BSI
Re--nault Esp--ace to 01/99 Only in our Office / In progress
Ren--ault Esp-ace up 02/99 Programming Via Micro
Ren--ault Es--pace up 2003 Ch 56 Programming via Chip
Re---nault Kan--goo Programming via Chip
Ren---ault Lag--una HC12 Programming Via Micro
Ren--ault Lagu--na J--aeger Programming via Chip
Ren--ault La--guna MM08 Programming Via Micro
Rena--ult La-----una Sagem Programming via Chip
Ren--ault Lag--una ST Mic---ro Programming Via Micro
Re---nault Ma--ster Programming Via Chip
Re---nault Meg--ane Jaeger / Magneti Marelli Programming Via Micro
Ren--ault Meg--ane Sagem to 09/99 Programming via Chip
Ren--ault Meg--ane Sagem up 10/99 Only in our Office / In progress
Rena--ult Me--gane Senic Sagem Only in our Office / In progress
Rena----ult R25 Programming via Chip
Ren---ault S--frane Programming via Chip
Ren---ault T---raffic Programming Via Micro
Ren--ault Twin--go Programming Via Micro
Ro---lls R--oyce-- All Models Only in our Office
Ro--ver 25/45 Programming Via Chip
Ro---ver 75 Programming via Chip
Rov--er 75 LC-M Diagnostic
Ro---ver 75 Li--ght Mo--dule Diagnostic
R--over Defe--nder Programming via Chip
Rov--er Discov---ery TD5 Programming Via BCU
Ro--ver Fre--elander to 05/01 Prog--ramming via Chip
Ro--v--er Freela---nder to 06/02 Only in our Office / In progress
Ro---ver Lan---drover Programming via Chip
Rov--er M--GF Programming via Chip
Ro---ver M---GTF 2003/2004 Programming Via Micro
Ro--ver M--ini Coo----per 2 Models up to Sept 2003 Programming Via Cluster & Box
Ro-ver Ran--ge Ro--ver Programming via Chip
Ro---ver R--ange Ro--ver 2001/2002 Programming via chip
Sa--ab 900 N-ot Impl-emented


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